What are the Keystone State Games?

The Keystone State Games are Pennsylvania’s largest amateur athletic festival. The games are modelled after the Olympic Games, with competitions providing Pennsylvania’s amateur athletes an opportunity to compete for gold, silver and bronze medals.

What is the difference between Keystone State Games and Senior Games?

The Senior Games are the same type of competition, but for those aged over 50 years.

How long have the Games been played?

The 2017 Keystone State Games in the Greater York Area will mark their 36th Anniversary. The Games started in 1981.

How many people attend the Games annually?

It is estimated, that on average 13,000 people attend the Keystone State Games each year, including athletes, their families, and spectators.

What dates will the Games be held in 2017?

The event will be held in the week of 26 – 30 July, 2017

When did the Greater York Area last host the Summer Games?

The Keystone State Games returned to York, Pennsylvania in 2015, 2016 and 2017. As part of the agreement, York also hosted the 2016 Pennsylvania Senior Games, a biennial event.

Why was the Greater York Area selected?

“York was selected because of the excellence of their overall bid and our experience working with them,” according to Owen Costello, CEO of the Keystone State Games from 1983- 2015. York county’s central location is ideal for attracting participants and with good facilities, including the York Expo Centre, together with the highest levels of overall support support from the York County Convention and Visitors Bureau led to their winning bid.

How old do you have to be to compete in the Games?

Most of the sports are for children and teenagers, participating in age group divisions. Some events, including golf and soccer, have adult divisions.

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