Seriously, some people will turn anything into a sport. From cardboard armoured sword smiths to flaming footballs these are the most insane sports in the world.

360 Ball

A mix of squash and tennis, 360 ball is played in a circular court, with teams of two players. At the centre of the court is a black circle. The ball must be played off the black circle in the centre once during each team’s turn, and can be bounced off the around the side of the court to continue the rally. Players need lightning fast reflexes and great forward planning to stay ahead of the game, though a willingness to occasionally face-plant the wall or floor is also necessary.

Fireball Soccer

This game, from Indonesia, follows the basic rules of soccer, but the ball is actually made from coconut. This is soaked in gasoline for up to a week before the match and is on set on fire for the entire game. To make this weird and unusual sport even more insane, everyone plays barefoot.


Jugger is a combat sport featured in the 1980’s movie ‘Salute of the Jugger’, where mixed teams armed with swords, chains and maces fight while one unarmed player tries to score goals using a dog’s skull for a ball.

In international Jugger the weaponry and dog skull from the movie are replaced with foam covered role-playing props. Despite the less violent approach, games remain fast paced, tactical and fun to watch.

Goanna Pulling

Nothing to do with lizards, this Australian game involves human beings performing tug of war with their necks. With leather straps wrapped round their necks contestants mimic the reptile’s posture and try to pull each other across the line.

Sepak Takraw

Sepak Takraw literally translates from Malaysian as ‘kick ball’. It’s a mix of volleyball and football with martial arts added. Teams of three players try to score by landing a rattan ball in the opponent’s side of the court but they are not allowed to use their hands. This leads to some insane moves at eye-watering speeds.

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