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2012 Judo

August 5, 2012

Farm Show Complex

Judo Schedule: Farm Show Complex,  Sunday, August 5. Weigh-In 9-10:30am


Female Events
JU01F Junior age 6-8 Lightweight JU02F Junior age 6-8 Middleweight
JU03F Junior age 6-8 Heavyweight JU04F Junior age 9-10 Lightweight
JU05F Junior age 9-10 Middleweight JU06F Junior age 9-10 Heavyweight
JU07F Junior age 11-12 Lightweight JU08F Junior age 11-12 Middleweight
JU09F Junior age 11-12 Heavyweight JU10F Junior age 13-16 Lightweight
JU11F Junior age 13-16 Middleweight JU12F Junior age 13-16 Heavyweight
JU13F Senior age 17+ 106# JU14F Senior age 17+ 115#
JU15F Senior age 17+ 126# JU16F Senior age 17+ 139#
JU17F Senior age 17 +154# JU18F Senior age 17+ 172#
JU19F Senior age 17+ over 172# JU20F Masters 30-35 Lightweight
JU21F Masters 30-35 Middleweight JU22F Masters 30-35 Heavyweight
JU23F Masters 36 and over Lightweight JU24F Masters 36 and over Middleweight
JU25F Masters 36 and over Heavyweight    
Male Events
JU26M Junior age 6-8 Lightweight JU27M Junior age 6-8 Middleweight
JU28M Junior age 6-8 Heavyweight JU29M Junior age 9-10 Lightweight
JU30M Junior age 9-10 Middleweight JU31M Junior age 9-10 Heavyweight
JU32M Junior age 11-12 Lightweight JU33M Junior age 11-12 Middleweight
JU34M Junior age 11-12 Heavyweight JU35M Junior age 13-14 Lightweight
JU36M Junior age 13-14 Middleweight JU37M Junior age 13-14 Heavyweight
JU38M Junior age 13-14 Super Heavywt. JU39M Junior age 15-16 Lightweight
JU40M Junior age 15-16 Middleweight JU41M Junior age 15-16 Heavyweight
JU42M Senior Rokyu thru Sankyu 132# JU43M Senior Rokyu thru Sankyu 145#
JU44M Senior Rokyu thru Sankyu 161# JU45M Senior Rokyu thru Sankyu 178#
JU46M Senior Rokyu thru Sankyu 198# JU47M Senior Rokyu thru Sankyu 220#
JU48M Senior Rokyu thru Sankyu over 220# JU49M Senior Nikyu and above 132#
JU50M Senior Nikyu and above 145# JU51M Senior Nikyu and above 161#
JU52M Senior Nikyu and above 178# JU53M Senior Nikyu and above 198#
JU54M Senior Nikyu and above 220# JU55M Senior Nikyu and above over 220#
JU56M Masters 30-35 Lightweight JU57M Masters 30-35 Middleweight
JU58M Masters 30-35 Heavyweight JU59M Masters 36 and over Lightweight
JU60M Masters 36 and over Middleweight JU61M Masters 36 and over Heavyweight


All ages by July 1, 2012



  • An athlete must meet the following criteria:
    - A full-time Resident of PA, NJ, MD, DE, NY, WV, OH, DC or a
    - A full-time Student at a recognized academic institution in any of the above states

- Entrants must be USJF, USJI or USJA members.


- IJF rules on judogi fit will be strictly enforced.

- In Junior events, Male and Female ages 6-12, no arm bars or choke holds will be allowed. 

- Per IJF rules, no arm bars for ranks under ikkyu. 



  • There is no qualifier for judo



  • Fee Online $40
  • Fee by Check / Mail $45
  • Fee for Walk on $50



- Medals are awarded to the top three teams in each division.  

- Official Keystone State Games Festval of Sports T-shirt available for $10.00



  • Registration is open until Friday, July 22, 2012





Michael Stone, 717-609-7064, 



Laura Shemick, 717-270-6047, 


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