EVENT CODE: JU00   ELIGIBILITY: All ages as of June 1. Entrants must be USJF, USJI or USJA members. Judo athletes may compete in only one division in any number of events they are eligible based on event description, if each event entered includes the athlete’s gender and current age or older. Final determination of […]

DESCRIPTION:┬áThe Keystone State Games in cooperation with the York White Rose Wanderers brings Volkssporting to the 2008 Summer Games. The Wanderers are part of a worldwide network of similar clubs, all of whom host and take part in volkssporting events. Volkssport means people’s sport. This year the Wanderers will be hosting 5k and 10k walks. […]

DIVISION CODES: BE10M Junior Grades 9-10 BE12M Scholastic Grades 11-12 EVENT CODES: BE00 Selected Team Competition ELIGIBILITY: All grades as of Fall 2009, school year. Junior and Scholastic Divisions will use grade to determine division of play. Baseball players must be male and may only compete in one division in one event. TRYOUTS: Individual tryouts […]