Summer Games – Baseball


BE10M Junior Grades 9-10

BE12M Scholastic Grades 11-12

EVENT CODES: BE00 Selected Team Competition

ELIGIBILITY: All grades as of Fall 2009, school year. Junior and Scholastic Divisions will use grade to determine division of play. Baseball players must be male and may only compete in one division in one event.

TRYOUTS: Individual tryouts and a final trial will be held mid-April through early July to select 20 players in each division to represent each of the 10 regions at the Summer Games. If a tryout is cancelled due to severe weather players should attend the next scheduled tryout and/or contact the Regional Sport Coordinator or team coach for information. The KSG office might not be notified of last minute revisions. Athletes must attend at least one regional tryout/trial to be eligible for selection to the Finals team, and are asked to attend only one sub-region tryout prior to the final regional trial.

DESCRIPTION: At the Summer Games the ten teams in each division will compete in round robin pool play to qualify teams for medal/position games. National Federation rules will govern play with a modified PIAA discipline rule, the PIAA pitching restrictions in effect, and some modification to the 10-run rule. Competition will be held July 21 – 26 at York Township Field, Sunset Lane Field, Legion Field in Shiloh, and Shryock Field. Junior competition will be held on Tuesday – Thursday, and Scholastic competition will be held Friday – Sunday. A Showcase for Scholastic talent will be held on Thursday, July 23, at a site to be announced.

ENTRY PROCEDURE: Send the entry form and $10 entry fee to the Keystone State Games office at least 2 weeks before attending a tryout. If attending a tryout in less than 14 days, DO NOT mail the entry form, but hand carry it to the tryout. Players must complete an entry form and submit the proper entry fee BEFORE they are allowed to participate. Entry forms will be available at all tryouts. All players from the sub-region tryouts which are invited to the final trial will not be assessed an additional fee, BUT a $50 Finals Fee will be required of all athletes selected for the rosters to participate at the Summer Games Finals competition.

HOUSING: The tournament will continue as a wooden bat competition.

KARWOSKI CUP: A Cup Award was implemented in 2005 and will be continued. The results of both teams in the region will be scored, and the region totaling the highest earns the third annual Karwoski Cup Award.

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